Fish'in for Speakers

I'm sitting in my den on a rainy day,thinking about smaller speakers.The room size is 12x12x8. The walls are pine wood with 4 windows.Krell KSA-100 mk-ll amp, ARC Sp 9-mkll preamp,CD and TT sources, and Bigggg Mirage M1 speakers-really to big for this room,IMO.In your opinion, what speakers should I take a look at?Thanks for your help!!!!
Check out the Triangle Zerius. Amazing $1100.00 pair of speakers. 90% of the Class A rated Celius for 55% of the price. 92Db and easy load for tubes or SS amps as well. Wally
If you can place them 20"-24" from the front wall and 30" from the side walls I would look into the Silverline SR-17's (they would also require sturdy 28" stands). These are still my favorite stand mount monitor to date and they do sound best with high current feeding them.

In such a small/square room I would avoid floorstanders as you will not want the bass driver (unless it's adjustable as with a sub) close to the floor.

For less money maybe try the little Spendor 3/5's (think that they are around $1K) or the Reynaud Twins, again you will need to budget for quality stands. I think that efficiency wise the Spendors might work better with the Krell as the Twins run mainly @ 1 watt (or less) in a small area.

That said, with such a room I would trade the Krell for a nice SET power amp and then base the speaker selection on this addition. You only need a few watts in this room (with reasonably efficient speakers) and this is where a decent SET shows its stuff.
Demo the Totem line of speakers. I have the Model 1's in my listening room and the Arro's in my den. Very nice. My listening room is also 12x12x9. I use a REL sub with the Model 1's.
The Gershman Acoustics Avant Garde RX 20's will give you great sound in this room - I own a pair in a room a little bigger but have used them in this size area with very good results. They have great bass and full balance in all other areas. Nice looking. They retail for 4500 but on the Audiogon scene in the 2-2.5k range. Other suggestions here are also very good. These will , however, allow for bigger rooms if you should change scenes later.
A Coincident Triumph willwork very well. Will get you 95% of the RX 20 spound at 25% of the price.
I spent many hours listing to an RX 20. They are a very nice speaker. The Triupmhs at thier price point are hard to beat.If you have 2K to spend buy the Matching subs Israel makes for the Triumphs. They double as a Stand for the speaker.