Five spkr choices Your pick?


I have that itch but more curious to be honest. I currently have a pair of Triangle Stella es that are biwired. There on 24" stands and sound really good. Now while checking another site I ran across these spkrs and wanted to know if any out there have listened or owned the following: Linn Kans, Energy RC-10, Jamo E825, Castle Durham 3, and Monitor Audio 4I silver. My main music preference is jazz(Miles,Coltrane) but do get some classical in from time to time. I appreciate all comments and advise. Enjoy the music!

After some searching I have decided to keep what I have as the spkrs mentioned are a bit dated and the Castle line is no more. If it's not broke----
Neither of those will really be any upgrade from the Triangle speakers you already have... different, yes, but not better.

Keep the speakers you've got now and upgrade the front end instead (or better yet, keep the money and save up additional for significant speaker upgrade).
I am also listening jazz and Fritzspeakers Carbon 7 are
amazing speakers. IMO, Carbon 7 sounds better then Harbeth
Compact 7. Carbon 7 has great bass and soundstage.
If you can stretch your budget, it's my opinion that the Carbon 7's are absolutely unbeatable for the price. I've heard many many monitors and nothing comes close to the performance of the Carbon 7's for the price. Call Fritz and have a chat with him, he is extremely friendly and loves to talk speakers.