Fixing a dent in a whoffer cone

The center cone of one of my woffers was pushed in. How can it be repaired?
I fixed my woofer with the dust cap pushed in with a very fine metal scribe. Gently push the scribe into the dust cap from the side and gently pull until it pops out. You may have to do this from more than one position on the dust cap. And, yes, a pushed in dust cap does not affect the sound.
I once used the wine tool which lets you reseal your wine with a vacuum. It worked, but the "kiss" idea is the same principle. And y'all are correct in that it's just a dust cover and does not effect the sound.
Thanks to you all (I really like the "kiss" method, I'm a little lonely...just kidding!) My speakers are Tyler Acustic. Several have called this a "dust cover"; there are no covers to the speakers. It is the actual center dome of the woffer that is dented.
Thanks again for your help!!!!
That central dome is a dust cap. It keeps debris from entering the very small gap between the voice coil former and the center pole piece and the magnets. If you can stand the look of the dented piece (I know that is not easy to do), it is best to just leave it alone. Whatever means you do employ to pop it back into shape, take care not to exert force without also holding it firmly in place so that you don't tear it off. But, if you do tear it loose, you can probably glue it back without too much trouble, assuming you didn't tear up anything else in the process.