I have observed (heard and then tested so as to confirm) the following “condition” as it relates to the widely debated issue of FLAC quality. The purpose of this topic is to gather opinions as to whether or not your observations are similar too – and therefore support – my own.

It is widely understood and accepted that a FLAC file while “compressed” is “lossless” as compared to its corresponding WAV file. Let’s assume (i.e. not debate) this is completely true. What I am noticing is that when the FLAC file is “played” via any FLAC player it sounds different from the sound of the “same” (equivalent decompressed FLAC) WAV file when played back via the same player that was used to play the FLAC file. This is specifically noticeable (to me) in the low frequency spectrum. The WAV has considerably more “sonic energy” that manifests itself as appearing to be a bit louder, wider in frequency range and perhaps even dynamic range as compared to the FLAC equivalent.

I’m curious as to your findings when you compare a FLAC file played natively as compared to the WAV equivalent played via the same player (for example, play both the FLAC and WAV via VLC media player) or practical equivalent, such as if the FLAC was burned to CD and you are comparing the FLAC played via VLC and the CD played via a CD player.

I am further assuming that the WAV file is a more accurate representation of the audio than the FLAC. This is to say that should you agree with the aforementioned, it would be preferable to play the WAV file or decompress the FLAC file before using it.

I'm listening to FLAC right now.  Everyone's digital should sound so good.
I have found little or no difference between the 2 formats
Much has to do with the process I use DB power amp for trsnsfer at highest uncompressed level 8. The dac also has a say in how resolved if is . The Digital cable even more 
So. Guys if you have not tried the Curious USB csble you have not heard your music.
This cable is very musical not flat like the standard even well respected cables 
Analog finally has arrived for digital.
The USB regen, as well with Curious on any usb cable down stream .
Unless you have experienced this ,then you have No educated way to make a comment. I would not recommend this if not a statement product.
Better then both Wireworld platinum,or AQ Diamond and much less monies !!
audioman58 - Level 8 is the most compressed version of flac, not the highest uncompressed level.

This is a bigger issue than just cables and  regenerating usb signals.  You may want to do some reading on these issues.
My Wireworld Platinum Starlight USB cable is way better than the Curious cable. The Curious is too foward and bright in the mids. The Wireworld is much more relaxed and open with a much bigger soundstage.
On the grand scale of things that make a difference in sound quality, I have found digital cables and file format (.wav versus flac) to be pretty much the least significant factors. I'm sure YMMV.