FLAC, WAV, RAW, AIFF Download Sites?

Have recently added an Olive music server to my set-up and am looking for a place to buy and download songs/albums in any of these formats. The iTunes store sucks with its "protected AAC" b.s. that cannot be converted and I am not well-informed about other download sites.

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Thanks for the responses. I have checked out several sites and there are very few higher res downloads available - mostly lossy compression stuff. Too bad no one has put together a decent download site for audiophiles where you can get a lot of stuff in AIFF, RAW or FLAC.
Checked it out Garyk and it looks good but at almost $16 per CD it's crazy expensive. See alberporter's post about yourmusic.com - I bought 20 CD's at $5.99 each the other day. If you eliminate the materials and mfg. cost of the CD itself and provice it in a high res dowload, we should be able to buy the music very cheaply.