Flat copper speaker cables

Hello ,

I am looking for good copper flat speaker cables for not to crazy price for Zingali QA 3.8 speakers. Please give me your opinion  what would be appropriate. Thank you.


I have the Goertz Alpha Core MI-2 cables.  Goertz is owned by Bridgeport Magnetics and I have purchased zobel networks directly from them for using with the MI-2 cables.  I think to purchase from Bridgeport you need to phone them.

Last I checked the Cable Company also sells them.  Depending on your amplifier you may want to use zobel networks with the cables. They are simple little four inch or so wires that may be built into the cables nowadays.

I used to have a pair of the Goertz copper ribbon cables.I really liked them and wished I'd kept them. A really relaxed and natural sound. The CableComany does carry them.

If it helps... I have had Audio Envy in my current system; (-1) - having tried several brands, they were uniquely harsh and fatiguing with rock, jazz and classical (strings, brass, symbols)