Flat screen between speakers, again.

I know this has been discussed before, but after reading most of the somewhat recent responses to similar questions I still need to pick your collective brains.
To mitigate the TV's impact, I am considering building a panel that would cover the TV when it's not in use. The panel would be a 2.5' x 4.5' diffuser or absorber. Ideally it will hang above the TV when I am watching TV and would lower down to block the TV when I am listening to music.

My question is whether this is a viable solution and, if it is, would I be better served with diffusion or absorption?

Thanks for everyone's responses. What I should add is that this is only one aspect of my diving into "room treatment". Whatever the final solution ends up being, I do think I would prefer exploring an actual room treatment option, as opposed to throwing a blanket over it.Now that the good weather is disappearing and I am not spending 4 or 5 days a week at the golf course, perhaps I will finally get off my butt and get things fixed. One Covid byproduct is more time on my hands.
two thoughts ,
sound absorbing curtains that cover tv when not it use.
or sound absorbing panels by I think ATS makes a clip that mounts to back of panel and the female part mounts to Wall and slides down into it . make a lightweight backer to push panel off wall whatever the tv is 4"? and mount that to panel grab the panels 24 x36 or 48 " or custom and side them down into slots and they would hang in front of tv covering it .( they may flex a little because they would be hanging but done right they would be fine . I use the panels in my dedicated room , if you pm me I can send you a pick and a scribble of what im saying 
My neighbor had a carpenter fit a cabinet to his high ceiling with a motorized carriage that takes the tv into the cabinet when not in use.  
Dependent on the speaker type (dipole etc.) and the rest of the room.As usual the answer is unknown until you try.