Flat Screen Television behind speakers

I have a large 75” flat screen TV in my living room and want to know how bad this can affect the sound. The speakers have to go right against wall pretty much and the TV is in between the speakers. I have large acoustic panels right behind the speakers  and then 2 subs on the outside of each speaker which also have acoustic panels behind them. Question is should I move the speakers to the outside further away from the the TV and swap the subs inward closer to the TV- or would the bass reflection from the subs be even worse? The television is mounted higher on the wall so maybe the subs are better positioned on the floor?

Aerial Acoustic 7T x 2 

Pass XA30.5

Rel 528 x2


Put a wool blanket over the lady friend, then do what you want.  Out of sight, out of mind.

Been there done that. Went from a 24 inch CRT in the middle to a 50 inch plasma 2 feet off the back wall. Destroyed the sound stage. Finally, with the last upgrade/change mounted  the plasma on the wall behind. Better, but still not the best. The blankets and such sound like a good idea, but I'm too lazy to do that. I know it's heresy, but I watch muted TV while listening to music Trying to find a good compromise with speaker positioning and amplifier gain/crossover settings. 

Good luck. Jim S.

One of my fellows audiophile, who invested in his listening room close to $80K (equipment excluded) told me that TV installed on a certain level behind his speakers in his room actually enhances mids and makes stage wider and more holographic. 

....+ points for an automatic curtain that plays an HBO-esc fanfare on opening or closing when switching from screen to system or the reverse....defeated if curtain is open when the HT mode is engaged...

Double points if the curtains make the *ssshhh* sound heard at the local moviehaus... ;)

(Oh, c'mon....you've already spent more on 'just ICs'...*G*)

Speakers near back wall is not good either.  Simply putting big absorbing panels behnd them will null the reflections that would arise if the speakers were further from the wall.  But as a needs must, compromise solution that is the best you can do

Position the screen between the speakers, not behind.  This will affect the sound least as there is little output from the sides of the speakers.  But covered with cloth absorbents or not, the large flat area of the screen will block sound transmission around the room, with unpredictable results.

Incidentally, the sub-optimal speaker placement suggests you may have a smallish room.  If this is the case your screen may be too large.  The width of the speaker should not subtend an angle of more than 35º at your head.  This is the maximum width of the high-resolving central area of our retinas.