Flat speaker cable

Hello All, It's been awhile but, as fate would have it, new house means new upgrades. I need some recommendations on flat speaker cable, the type you run under carpet. The new house has one of those "Media nitches" that limits....well, everything. The entertainment center we have wouldn't fit inside it, there's a fire place to the left of it which severly limit's speaker placement, so the only way to have rear speakers is to run the cables under the carpet. Thanks for any help. DBX
River Cable has Synergy Eight and Six. I have not checked but the additonal cost for long runs is usually very reasonable. I will be making a purchase soon for my subs.
Runnig cable under carpet is a huge pain in the rear. If you are on a crawlspace it would be much easier to go under the house.
Another option is to use small AWG (16/2) wire that can be tucked between carpet and baseboard. Generic 16/2 is often enough white just like most baseboards.
Otherwise there is a flat option from most all manufacturers. These are difficult to work with becasue they never want to lie flat.
IMHO it is not worth $$$ on wire for surrounds.

Good luck!
Thanks for all the quick reply's. They have all started me in the right direction. So far I've looked at Wireworld Horizon, Nordost 2Flat, and Flatwire made by Dewire, since these are the onces I've been able to find in bulk. I'll probably need about two runs of 20-25 ft. Thanks again everyone. DBX