Fleetwood Deville vs Wilson Sound

Both are great speakers. I was always curious about Wilson speakers especially because some people really hate on them.

Anyone compare the Fleetwood Deville vs Wilson Sasha Tier?

How would you describe the differences in own words?

The Devilles make female vocals sound quite stunning, and am unsure if I would like that "crisp clear hifi" sound that Wilsons have.



Thank you. My house in NY is too small to house them so I built a listening space at the warehouse. Did what I could haha. 



Well you've effectively flooded every single Fleetwood Deville thread with your for sale ad. Nice work...

@deep_333 design decisions are made based on what sounds best and Wilson Audio manufactures their own components. When there’s better quality and more effective to source parts from external entities, then a decision is made to do so. It is a smart business model and as long as it doesn’t result in sacrificing performance (I’m sure they go thru rigorous testing to confirm this), it should be completely fine. By the way, I don’t think Wilson Audio uses Focal drivers anymore. But they did. Focal is known for their drivers so once again, I don’t see why that’s the basis or a reason for hating the brand.

@audphile1 , Really? I suppose i can’t expect all forum stock to be degreed engineers, but, they really sold you on that "design decision" crap, huh? Funny indeed, but, it is also quite obnoxious when a dude who charges 90k for a freaking speaker can’t engineer his own drivers from scratch.

Take a look at Borresen, TAD, Yamaha, etc, that’s called real engineering dude. On the same note, what do you call a Wilson with a Focal driver? Call it a shameful li’l Focalson...


If, in case, you are a Wilson dealer or Wilson paid pied piper (forum incognito), don’t bother to extend this conversation any further.

@deep_333 “forum stock”. That’s rich.

No, not a dealer. Just a happy owner of a pair of Wilson Sabrinas.
Not sure why it’s surprising to you that a top notch speaker requires world class electronics.
Back in late 90s I walked into Innovative Audio in Brooklyn NY. I stopped and paused my breath. I thought they had Nataly Cole in the store, performing live. It was a pair of Grand Slams (robot looking mofos) playing in a listening room, driven by an all VTL system with a top of the line VPI table. I stayed there and listened to the entire record. I never heard anything like this. I was hooked. May be it’s the effect those big Wilsons had on me at the time that lasted thru all these years until finally I got a pair of Sabrinas, but I can tell you I hear that sound signature, that realistic, live type of sound that these speakers produce.
You can knock yourself out hating David Wilson or Daryl or the entire brand. But there’s no denying their speakers are special. So again, it’s the recipe that matters. You can get the ingredients from the best possible sources. I don’t go mining for salt when I want to grill me up a ribeye.