Fleetwood Mac - Say You Will- Your Thoughts?

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Well here they are again,this time less Christine McVie,but all the others are back. Have been a long time fan of this band and several of the tracks here are very good indeed.I like "Say You Will and "Peacekeeper" There are several other tracks here that are pure Fleetwood Mac.

Lets have some thoughts on this latest offering. Have they found the "Rumours" or "Tusk" magic? Or is this album lacking that touch?

Stevie Nicks voice no longer has the range it once did,but nonetheless she is still magical. What about Lindsey Buckingham? Can still play guitar in his own style.

I for one really like "Say You Will" Will it have the "Rumours" strength, only time will tell.

Lets have your thoughts.
It has renewed my interest in the band. I overlooked tusk when it was released and now find its truly an awesome piece of the bands work, beautifully recorded too. I think the new album is OK and has a few good tracks , but Tusk and some of the older albums are simply better. Get the Chain box set its a lot of fun.
Weiserb, I also "missed" Tusk because I hated them in high school. Ten years later, loved them as an audio nut.

I still think Lindsey's one of the top five guitarist's ever. And I do wish Christine had participated. Even though, this album is a 9/9. Especially considering what else is that high on the charts. The competition stinks.

Nothing sounds as good as Fleetwood Mac without Peter Green and Danny Kirwan. (Sorry all but those albums were horrible).