Fleetwood Mac

Best band ever?

Anyway, I've been listening to self title, Rumors, and Tusk repeatedly the past 2 years. Can anyone recommend the next step in Fleetwood fandom? I'm not a huge fan of live albums, but will venture in that direction if absolutely necessary, ie Johnny Cash.
"Then Play On" would be next for me.

Be aware that this is a totally different beast bearing the same name. The full version of "Oh Well" on there is a seldom heard classic and worth acquiring just for that, but the rest is worth it also.

Also Lindsay Buckingham's solo work "Out Of The Cradle" should appeal to fans of Fleetwood mac in their later prime.
Stopped listening after Kiln House. That was their last enjoyable album for me. After that I did not like them at all. So IMO, they were a great band up till then, but there were many others just as great (to me). So no, not the best band ever (for me).
Agree with "Kiln House" and "Mirage." Very underrated efforts. Though you're not a huge fan of live albums, I'd check out "Live." It has great versions of the classics--recorded on the awesome "Tusk" tour, which I caught--as well as a few terrific songs recorded at soundchecks.

They may not be THE best band ever, but for me, they're certainly in the top five or ten.
Terrific albums until Nicks/Buckingham arrival and the 1975 "Fleetwood Mac" album.

At that point they morphed into a top 40 bubble gum band.