Flexible Power Cords

I'm looking to replace my bevy of power cords with a consistent set. 

I want flexible cords for obvious reasons. I'm tired of those power cords stiff as a stick.

I need length up to 3m. I'd buy Nordost now except that they don't come in anything greater than 2m.

I am looking on the budget end. (I need eight of them.)



I don't need 8 3m cords - I need 8 cords, with a max length of 3m. That's two of them. The rest will be 1 or 1.5m.

The Cullen crossovers are reasonably flexible. Not floppy like Puritan, but sort of like pipe cleaners so you can bend them (within reason) to a shape and they will hold it. The connectors are also very good with a solid fit. The Puritans are extremely soft and floppy, but approximately 3x the cost.  I haven’t heard them, so I can’t compare sonically. 

DIY your own from link, below.  I'm a big fan of DH Labs Encore, since I am a believer in shielded power cords with all the network/streaming things I have around this house.



I'm not sure what you consider budget end price wise, but there are two cables with which I've had good experience.  Cardas, clear reflection in my case, high quality, neutral and very flexible.  Cardas are moderately expensive.  Also, Kimber Base PK10.  Good solid performing, flexible power cable at a much less expensive price point.