Flexible Power Cords

I'm looking to replace my bevy of power cords with a consistent set. 

I want flexible cords for obvious reasons. I'm tired of those power cords stiff as a stick.

I need length up to 3m. I'd buy Nordost now except that they don't come in anything greater than 2m.

I am looking on the budget end. (I need eight of them.)



Cullen,Triode Wire Lab,Audio Envy, WireWorld, JPS Wire Labs.are all flexible and good quality.

I haven’t bought powerchords yet, but at research neotech and furutech were intresting. Audio connexion/ parts connexion had a bogo on audience f3, last time I looked. Canadian based and not sure if there are tariffs, but it might be worth a look. Good luck.


Kimber PK10 is not a shielded cable. It is a very flexible. I used to own these and they are a very nice cable for the money. Agree to use shielded on digital but I never felt the PK10 Gold introduced noise.My memory was the cable was a little on the soft side, rolled off and maybe a little closed in; still a nice cable.


Neotech and Furutech can be bought as a bulk cable in The States from VH Audio who I believe still advertises here. Chris is great to work with and if one is a little handy, building one’s own cables can save some money. I buy from VH Audio often and in fact made a purchase this past evening. If you’re new to building cables, Chris will answer emails and give advice.


Very happy with my Straight Wire Pre Thunder power cords and they are nice and flexible and sound great.  Warm and detailed versus bright and analytical like some others I have tried in my home.