Flexible Power Cords

I'm looking to replace my bevy of power cords with a consistent set. 

I want flexible cords for obvious reasons. I'm tired of those power cords stiff as a stick.

I need length up to 3m. I'd buy Nordost now except that they don't come in anything greater than 2m.

I am looking on the budget end. (I need eight of them.)



Forgot- Crystal Cable. Thin and flexible, at least in the lesser models. I don’t know how much current those thin cables can handle, but they certainly are flexible. 

I like the red cloth covered power cables that came with my Audion MK3’s - they are deliciously flexible and fat and work well with the Audions in that they tame just a tad the ferocious dynamics of the amps. Flexible power cables work best with the small monoblocs which can be upended and tworked around by stiff cables Been trying to buy some more of them to parse out to my pre and DAC for "family of sound" sound, but have not heard back from the dealer. They are not branded cables unless Audion has informally branded them "Audion." I have the suspicion that they are not true "audiophile" cables but were picked purely for synergy with the Audions which does make them audiophile - for Audion.


Morrow Cables. Very very supple.  I want from AQ to Acoustic Zen to Nordost to Morrow. Happy with the Morrow sound. And I’m using mid level MAP3s. With my morrow ICs and speaker cables, I’ve notice a positive benefit each time I climbed the ladder. 

Which model? 

Audioquest __________ to Acoustic Zen _____________ to Nordost _____________ to Morrow ______________ .