Flipping the LP over ...

... do you keep the TT running and just yank the LP off, or do you shut the 'table off first?

Curious as to everyone's habit on that... :)
I leave my spinning. I used to turn it off, but a top Linn dealer and tech I know keeps his spinning. If figure if it's OK with him, it's OK with me.
Cpdunn99, I'm with you. The salesman I bought my LP12 from had a collection of over 4,000 lp's and had owned his LP12 for almost 20 years. He knew every little nuance about the Linn. He never bothered to stop the platter. He DID teach me the correct way to retrieve it by the edges and lift ever so gently and quickly.

Thanks for posting. I don't feel like such a Philestine any more.
Unless you have a low-torque motor such as the ones used by Nottingham and the platter essentially stopped when you tried to hold the LP, leaving it spinning is an open invitation for disaster. Unless your timing is perfect every time, even if you lift the LP with top hands, the spinning platter will still drag the LP forward and either scractch the bottom surface or simply throw the LP entirely off the platter and even damage other delicate part of the turntable such as the stylus.

I exercised that on various tables such as VPI 19, TNT, Basis Debut and none of them worked well and I am left with a handful of damaged records. Fortunely, when the vinyl flew off the platter, they didn't hit any part of the tone arm.

The benefit is not worth the risk.

Care is of the essence, I suppose! But I've never met a Linn person who shut off the table. And I've never had, nor heard of, any disasters as others describe.
Since the late 70's I've never stopped my LP12 to remove an album. Never, ever have I had anything that came close to a bad event. Other turntables would likely be a problem.