floor speakers installed on the wall.... ?


here is my question if ... I would set the floor standing speakers on shelf fixed to the structure of the house.

How would that change base sound and physical effects ?


Thank you guys, please don't ask for reasoning it is just too stupid... :) 

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ok that is completely different issue. 

What I'm looking for is to separate them from the floor meaning the shelf will be fixed to the wall and space out from floor.

Issue of the materials or design or weight will be separate from what I'm asking for

My system is in my shop,and I had my Klipsch Forte's on shelves I built in the corners, and it vibrated the walls something fierce. Took them down, and welded up some stands with rubber casters, for ease of placement.

Yeah, don't think that'll work in those wooden houses they have in the US. The whole structure will vibrate.