Floor standing speaker recommendations new or used, $10,000 and under

Hello I'm looking to some new speakers and I need some recommendations to audition.  I currently have the Nola Viper IIa, but I'm looking for improved bass and just an improvement in sound overall.

I have a Mcintosh mc7150 power amp and a De havilland Ultra verve 3 preamp.  My source is a musical fidelity cd player.

I have a medium sized room, approximately 20' by 16'. Ceiling is about 9ft high.

I've listened to the Focal Sopra 2. and the Totem Acoustic Hawk, but I'd like to expand my options.
Tweak1, I’ve seen Emerald Physics around but I never had the opportunity to audition them. I’m not in Florida, but I’ll see if I can find a local dealer for a listen. Thanks.
Jeepers, nobody brings up PMCs around here. Never figure that out. Superb build quality, Low distortion bass (tight, deep too). They're spendy new but not when used. 
I have had PMC twenty/24 went to twenty5/26 then to fact 8s which I still have I think they are superb. Also have on order Joseph Audio Perspective 2s two great speaker companies 
Ten grand is enough to get you there if the components are up to the task. I had a chance to own a pair of Vienna Acoustics ‘Die Musik’ for $10k and when I pm’d owners and asked if they thought my components would be a good match I was told no, even the seller risked losing the sale to tell me I would need to upgrade my system for those power/current hungry speakers if I wanted to hear what they were capable of. 
In that range I’d be looking at Goldenear Triton Reference, or Tekton Ulferberhts. Vandys speakers are great, though I prefer the 3As over their more expensive models.