Floorstanders with a large sweetspot

I'm looking for a pair of floorstanders under $2.5k new or used that (1) can be placed close to a wall and (2) have a reasonably large sweetspot. I will drive then with an integrated tube amp, TBD based on the speakers. The room they will be in is 12 x 18. Any recommendations are welcome. Thanks.
Audio Note model E is almost a floorstander and when placed in the corner will throw a huge soundstage and sweetspot.

Also consider Audiokinesis.
With re: to the Ohms, without heroic room treatment, they aren't well suited for close wall placement.
IMO, there is no such thing as a wide sweet spot.

But maybe I am missing your intent.

What is a wide sweet spot to you?
How close to the rear and side wall?

Ohms are made to go somewhat close but flush is not a good idea. 1.5 to 2feet or so canwork quite well. More will tend to deepen the soundstage mostly.