Floorstanding speaker experiences/recommendations in the $12-25k range

I realize there are thousands of options, but I'm looking for strong personal experiences/recommendations for floor-standing speakers in the $12-25k range. I currently have Dynaudio Heritage Special stand-mounts. They really are a great speaker in many ways, but full-range they are not. There's an obvious missing element to the music in the <45Hz range. I listen to 95% vinyl, 5% CD (I stream off a Bluesound very occasionally to get ideas for albums to purchase). My system is comprised of a Rega P10 with Hana umami red cart, Modwright PH150 reference phono stage, Oppo 205 disk player all into an Octave V80SE integrated amp with super black box.

My current "leaders" for speakers are Qln Prestige 5 and Devore Gibbon X based on what I've heard, but have liked the Wilson Sabrina Xs and have heard great things about the newer Borresen X3s. Any experiences/recommendations welcome. 



I second Audiotroy's recommendation as to the Legacy Focus.  I have the Legacy Signature SE,  slightly smaller than the Focus  (WAF was a factor here!). My room is 14 x 25 with a 14 foot high vaulted ceiling.  Plenty of volume  (using a pair of PS Audio M700 monoblocks) great timbre,  huge soundstage,  and very accurate.  I listen to a lot of classical,  so accuracy of the instruments,  along with depth of soundstage,  are my hot buttons. I also listen to a lot of blues,  so bass is also important. Not only is the bass sufficient,  it's also very tight and accurate.  I ended up ditching my subwoofer after these broke in. I  don't know where you live,  but there are several dealers around the country where you can demo. I  bought mine directly from the factory.. 

My favorite speakers in this price range are the Vivid Audio K45 speakers ($21K). They do everything well. They are so accurate and true to life as well as being the most transparent speakers I've heard at that price point. Bass detail and articulation are class defining and they image like bandits!  So much fun!   



thanks for the link to speakerchoices.com

I sorted by sensitivity, then find something desireable/affordable that allows easily using tubes without needing too much power/cost/weight