Floorstanding speaker experiences/recommendations in the $12-25k range

I realize there are thousands of options, but I'm looking for strong personal experiences/recommendations for floor-standing speakers in the $12-25k range. I currently have Dynaudio Heritage Special stand-mounts. They really are a great speaker in many ways, but full-range they are not. There's an obvious missing element to the music in the <45Hz range. I listen to 95% vinyl, 5% CD (I stream off a Bluesound very occasionally to get ideas for albums to purchase). My system is comprised of a Rega P10 with Hana umami red cart, Modwright PH150 reference phono stage, Oppo 205 disk player all into an Octave V80SE integrated amp with super black box.

My current "leaders" for speakers are Qln Prestige 5 and Devore Gibbon X based on what I've heard, but have liked the Wilson Sabrina Xs and have heard great things about the newer Borresen X3s. Any experiences/recommendations welcome. 



Around 2015 I embarked on a similar journey. I lost a bit of money learning how much room, placement, and components affect speakers sound. 

 I decided to follow used speaker value and limited the speakers I would try to speakers I could reasonably resell for my initial outlay and with that model I was able to bring about a half a dozen speakers in the same range you're shopping.  By listening to what each brand/model excelled at I was able to figure out what I really liked and I was able to take my time doing it. I learned quite a bit tbh and the closer the speakers came to being tonally correct the longer it took me to hear their shortcomings. Sometimes the best designed speakers disagree with the room or components driving them and I didn't realize initially my speaker budget would have to include different components also, and then how do I deal with that issue?

I quit calling 1 speaker better than another because it doesn't work that way. Put in the time! Half the fun is in the hunt anyhow.


I don’t know the specs of the Octave V80SE as I’ve never listened to it before, but it looks like a really great amp especially with the Super Black Box.
I would love to test it with Magnepan speakers.

For example, the MG20.7 will give you the deeper bass you’re looking for and you’ll be moved in the midrange by the sound and physical presence of any saxophone (e.g. Grover Washington Jr.’s version of "É preciso perdoar” in the LP “All my tomorrows”).

I would definitely recommend auditioning them with your amp.

Good luck on your quest!


I guess few of you had the chance to listen to Gryphon EOS2.

I’ve heard it and I think for under $25k there is no better floorstanders. I’ve heard it driven both by Jadis I70 and Diablo 300. It sounded really good with the Jadis and more muffled with the Diablo, so I think it will sound good with the Octave. 

I wanted to recommend Tad Evolution 2 as well, then i remembered the bass is kind of lacking for those but do consider them if you don’t mind a sub. 




They look in great shape.

Very easy to change the cloth, simply staples on the back of the grille's wood frame which simply pulls off push-on retainers. I used white Irish Linen.

The old way of testing speaker cloth was to see how easy it was to blow cigarette smoke thru. (In a corner, it could stain the fabric as well as your lungs).

I would have the dealer confirm the 12" woofers are the original dual coil ones.

As I said, a new select veneer would improve their appearance quite a bit, in which case the appearance/condition of the original veneer is unimportant.

If the tweeters are blown, if it keeps the price down, that’s a good thing, put JS recommended SEAS ones in! These already have the SEAS tweeters.