Floorstanding Speakers - 12'x14' Room

I have a 2-channel audio system which I have moved from my basement to my main floor living room. This living room is 12' x 14' with the system along the 12' back wall. The living room has a cathedral ceiling which goes from 8' on the left side to 12' on the right side. Also the right side does not have a side wall since this is the opening to my hallway. Experimenting with my existing bookshelf / subwoofer combo has revealed that I must adopt a toe-in configuration to avoid early reflections from the left side.

I'm interested in replacing my existing bookshelf / subwoofer combo by a pair of floorstanding speakers. However, I don't want something too big where I will not be able to control the bass.

By the looks of it, the speakers would be about 9' apart and 2' from the back wall. On the right side, the speaker would be about 1.5' from the side wall.

So far, I've narrowed down my possibilities to the following:

Gershman Sonogram
Totem Forest
B&W 804S
Definitive Technology Mythos STS
Aperion Intimus 6T
Duevel Planets

My power amp is a Linn Akurate 4200 and I listen to all types of music except country / western. I what something that will sound great low volume but that can also dish-it-out at high volume.

Would all these work with my living room? Any other recommendations?
You mentioned The frequency of the Katans in Aktiv (active) mode. Is that how you run them with your Linn amp? If not that might be your first step before selling the Katans. Or another Linn option? Linn speakers do sound better used in active mode.
Yes, my Linn Katan monitors are in an Aktiv configuration. However, to my ears, I feel that these speakers are not delivering the full dynamic range that my sources are capable of retrieving. Even with the subwoofer, bass seems to be lacking.

Also, as I mentioned in my "correction message" (2nd post), there is no side wall on the right side of this room however the hallway wall is about 7' furhter than the opening of the right side of the living room.
Why not the Legacy Classic HD, used is about the same price as what's on your list. I can get you a new pair for way below retail. Most dynamic speaker I've heard at this price point.