FM Acoustics fm155 preamp

The fm155 is the cheapest FM acoustics preamp and if hunted for, can be found for about $5k in the pre-owned market. The question is, is this entry level FM preamp worth considering ? Sometimes these big brands compromise too much in their entry level products ultimately leaving a lot to be desired. Hence my question on this entry level FM preamp.

Kindly advise.
it all depends where are you...what did you have before and where would you like to go...that said the FM always works the best together...means if you want to have all FM you may be going in the right direction...
Currently I use a Lamm LL2 preamp with Wavac EC300B power amp. The plan is to replace the Lamm preamp with FM acoustics preamp which will drive the Wavac. The next step possibly is to get a Pass Labs F6 to replace the Wavac since I need more power, keeping some of the triode sound intact. And finally I may or may not upgrade to the FM power amp depends on how good the Pass F6 turns out.
totally different sound...Lamm and FM, you probably know, but it will still be some head scratching for you. But it is in the same "level" so you should be fine with the change of character if you are looking for that.