FM antenna for the attic?

i have a roof antenna / radioshack TV/FM unit, it's always getting out of position with wind. reception my favorite station fm 102.1 is modest at best. i am thinking about using an antenna for the attic. any suggestion?

FWIW, I had used a huge directional fm antenna in my attic. I had a tuner (Perreaux TU3) which had not so good reception capabilities. I bought a better tuner and thought I'd try a different antenna, an omni sold on this site by some one who has an ad up now for an attic directional antenna (Lake I believe). Anyway, this cheap omni outperformed the big direction for stations within 50 miles and had more gain as well. I was amazed. And it was cheap! Doesn't look like much but it sure WORKS.
is this what your talking about?
Putting an antenna in the attic will cause it to loose up to about 50% of its signal.Might not be a problem for local stations,but may be one for distant stations.
I used to have an antenna rotator on my last house and that was great. I could aim it for best reception. When I moved the convenances said no roof antennas. I found out later that any convenace that restricts roof antennas is a violation of FCC regs. But I find that I just don't listen to FM enough to warrant the pole, antenna and rotator investment. So I have a good sized TV antenna in my attic and a Terk Wing in my closet I use a A-B switch from radio Shack to go between the two for different stations. Not a cure all but I get the stations I want.
Two antennas in my attic: FM yagi works quite well, and VHF-UHF hybrid does a real good job too, even at 60 miles in deep fringe. The FM has a Magnum Dynalab Signal Sleuth preselector amp (located at the tuner) which helps even more although not necessary for good results - just better results. The TV ant has a Winegard +28db wideband preamp installed right at the antenna head, which also serves as the 300 to 75 ohm impdeance matching balun. Using good coax with both: RG-6 quad shield. I estimate the height above ground is about 20 feet. Use bailing twine to suspend from the rafters, tied around a couple of nails, so as not to degrade signal strength (as compared to hanging from any kind of metallic wire material).
Looking for recommendations for an FM attic antenna. Am in Boston suburb, listen to WCRB 18 mi away (27 kw), WHRB college station (1.7 kw) 15 mi away. Want to get noise as low as possible and clean sound for Kenwood KT 5020 tuna. Possibilities: Winegard HD-6000, HD-6010, Fanfare FM2-G, Dynalab ST-2, FMDX Indoor Rhombic (one now for sale from Lake)? Would like to avoid a really huge one due to space. Not sure if omni or directional would be better in my case. The 2 stations are 90° apart. Roof mount not an option, condo regs.

Thanks for your thoughts,
Jim wojno,

I own the Fanfare FM-2GC, which works well if your stations are below 92 mhz. I used it indoors when I lived in West Point, NY and got both WAMC and the NYC stations just fine, which are almost in opposite directions. I now use it outdoors with three stations within about 30 degrees and it still works great. Best I've used, but I want to try the Lake antennas next.

Jim, no condo can regulate or restrict antennas...that is a violation of FCC laws.
Second on the Bob_bundas Magnum Dynalab Signal Sleuth and ST-2 combo recommendation. I did move my ST-2 to the roof though for even better FM.