FM Tuner Antenna - what works best?

Can anyone recommend an affordable FM tuner antenna that gives exceptional results? I live in an apartment so hooking up a power antenna on the roof or outside the window is not an option. I will be using it with a Linn Kudos Tuner that, in most cases, gets excellent reception even with a basic plastic 'T' strip, but for some reason my most recent move has rendered this set-up inadequate (maybe a hill in the way of CBC's broadcasting towers?). My knowledge of FM antennas is limited and I am not sure whether a passive or power antenna is most suitable. Any input is appreciated. Thanks.
FM is a line of sight signal. If you've got tall hills you've go problems even if the transmission tower is nearby. Apart from that a good indoor antenna is made by Godar. They are passive and directional. Check them out on Google.
I have tried 5 indoor FM antennas. 2 were from Radio Shack and did not work well.I then tried a Terk Edge and a Terk Tower. They were both adout the same,better than R.S. but still not good enough for stations 30-40 miles away.Then I got the Terk FMPRO.I received stations that I did not know existed.Great antenna,can be painted and installed outside.Its about 4 feet long 3 inches tall and 1-2 inches deep.The price is $70 to $100.
Which Godar would you recommend for use in a small urban centre, the FM1-A or the Model 2? Can these be placed out of the way under a couch?