FMS Cables??

Does anyone know anything about these speaker cables/interconnects? What are the Strengths? Weaknesses? Thanks!
I'm using balanced FMS Zero interconnects between my cdp and pre. The FMS Zero ics, in my system, are very open, detailed, transparent, and musical. Tonal balance is also very even. The FMS Zeros retail for 1k, but I've seen them used for ~400 since they are not that well known. It would be interesting to know if anyone else has compared them to other ics in this price range. But, then again, I like Jbecker's comment; "I beleive one can drive oneself crazy with interconnects. They do make a difference, and I feel if you find one that keeps you from thinking about it, it's a keeper"
Thanks for all your input! I have checked out the FMS website too and I did have a chance to listen to some of FMS's lower-end speaker cables (Waveguide I think) and I thought the detail was amazing, but the vocals were not as "centered" as the NBS Omega 4's I auditioned and the instrumentals did not have the same fullness (almost 3D quality) that I have heard with the Bel cables. I think they would be fantastic for the money, but I am looking for just a bit more. The NBS had such wonderful vocals but lacked severely in the instrumentals. I am wondering if anyone has had any experience with the FMS Zero speaker cable? Any other suggestions?

I use FMS Blue original phono cable and Blue type 6 between preamp snd amp. I use Waveguide (gray) speaker cable. No harshness or smearing of the instruments. I look for neutrality cables that open up the soundstage. 
these all work to that end and provide musicality. Sounding like real music was a passion for Alex Gibson. Many may not know that he was the silent pioneer in the development of cable design. When you see how he had the wire spun you see some unique processes (inner core teflon with fine pure copper strands encircling the core and leads in twisted pair covered by shields) well before the industry bell curve on wire design. Alex pointed out that in audio nearly everything is wire. It really matters.