foam on speaker delaminating. Fix it ???

I have a beautiful pair of speakers. The surround foam on the woofer drivers has delaminated. There is absolutly no deterioration. It almost looks as though it was never glued/ attached. Can this be fixed or are my speakers DOOMed. Any suggestions or advise would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Paul
Try,, or They make repair/replacement kits for surrounds, maybe they will have something you can use. I've never had to use their products, but comments I've heard were favorable. I have repaired speaker foam surround with RTV, and glued cones back together. If you don't change the cone alignment or the flexibility of the surround, you should be able to help your woofers.
Hi Panda, I highly recommend checking with High Fidelity Engineering at I just had 4 15" woofers redone (foam deteriorated). They fix or sell D.I.Y kits. Excellent work,excellent service (No hackers,just professional work). If you think your up to the task of fixing them yourself they have what you need, if not send them to them and they'll do them for you. Free on-line estimates. Highly Recommended. Good luck!
Where are you located? If anywhere near Milwaukee, WI, I know an excellent store that can help you: Audio Ventures/Wisconsin Reconing (414) 258-2118. They really know there stuff.