Focal 1038be or Revel Ultima Salon 2?

Hi, this is my first post and I am currently looking to upgrade from my Focal 836v speakers. I am running an Anthem p2 connected to a Denon 4810. I amlooking at upgrading the speakers and my components at some point. I am looking currently at Classe, and Anthem, I would like to complete my system with a P5 and D2V but I am willing to go in another direction should my speakers dictate it. I am not buying anytime soon (still saving!) but, any info or thoughts would be great, thanks!

Sorry to interject a sideline question: are Salon 2s to be driven by powerful SS amps? I ask because I see they are 86 dB sensitivity, suggesting the need for large amps, yet there is one listing here displaying them with smallish tube amps. I have a tube amp so I wonder if I should disregard this speaker altogether.

I currently own Salon2. No, small tube amps won't cut it. You need high current solid state amps. You can try high power tube amps (with a 4 ohm tap to choose). I had a friend bring over a $18k tube amps (transformerless) to demo with the Salon2 and the bass wasn't there.

I have good result with high current solid state amps. The better the amps the better the speakers sounding. Like other high-end speakers, the Salon2 is very revealing. Little changes here and there would be ruthlessly revealed.
yes you can run tubes, need to be Arc monos, Rogue monos, or something similar . You could also bi-amp with tubes on the top and solid state on the bass, have your cake and eat it too. As long as it has lots of power you dont have to spend lots of dough on a solid state amp either, something like a parasound A 23 would drive the hell out of the bass drivers, also I highly recommend the Dspeaker dual core room dsp correction to eq the bass, you will be in hog heaven. The Salons are worth all of this, set up correctly they can out perform most speakers out there, and be a end game speaker for you.
The salon 2 is Not the best sounding speaker ever made though it is a nimble performer with lots of power to feed it.. it's a rock and roller, sounds a bit metallic as all its diaphragms are mostly metal..For a big bad rock speaker they're great! for throaty female voices, 3 dimensional acoustic strings, double bass, non synthesized music, there is a sea of better options first off: pretty much anything with paper cones! Would I choose it over Focal.? No; I would choose Tidal.