Focal Aria sounds muffled and far away being run on a denon AVR-X3400H

New to the audio world had a vizio sound bar and wanted more so I sat down and researched and  audioned and liked theFocal Aria 926 but at home it sounds muffled and far away being run on a denon AVR-X3400H. Surrounds are mirage os3 sat surrounds they seem fine, sub is an svs pb 1000
I've tried moving them around the space but nada, do I need more power to them?  I just don't want to go back into this spending money without having a little better knowledge behind the purchase. And a little help plus it's black Friday soon so that will help save a little cash
Oh, last thing.

Make sure every driver is playing. Put your fingers on every one, lightly, except the tweeter.

I’ve had some Focal crossovers break a wire to a big coil in transit.

For the tweeter, just put your ear up close.
I’d re-run the setup configuration on your’s possible the settings are wrong and it’s sending the wrong signal to your speakers due to either the setup or room correction.
Any opinions on amps that could drive them? I was looking at emotiva and mono price would these be good?