Focal, B&W or Martin Logan

I'm looking to upgrade my speakers.  Current system is Lumin U1 Mini server > Lampizator Golden Atlantic TRP DAC> Pass Labs XA160.8 Amp > Martin Logan Classic 9 speakers.  Room is pretty good acoustically (25' x 15'), but I have to place the speakers along the long wall making a 12x12x12 triangle for listening with my sitting position very close to the rear wall.  Speakers are currently 8" from front wall and can't be moved more than 5 or 6 inches further into the room (WAF issues), thus limiting the size (depth) of the new speakers. I listen to most all music, but mostly R&B, Country and classic rock.   

The biggest knock against the current MLs is that they don't have a lot of resolution - especially when it comes to complex music. They're great for acoustic guitar, piano or vocals.  They also lack a bit in bass, but that isn't too big of an issue as my wife would prefer I keep bass to a minimum.

Based on budget and speaker size, I'm seriously looking at the following:  Focal Sopra No. 2 (or No. 3). B&W 802D3, Martin Login 13A (or 15A).  I'm looking at buying used, so won't be able to try before purchasing.  I'm interested in hearing from those of you that have experience with these speakers.  Anyone heard them all and have a preference?

I'm currently leaning to the Focals, but only because I like they way they look. 

Sliders aren't really an option as the chair is a couch with recliners in it.  Too much work (even with sliders) to move back & forth each listening session.  Regardless... I'm going to give it a try to hear the differences.

If I go with the Focals, the set up will have the same issue.  Any idea if the Focals are more or less sensitive to the standard equilateral triangle?  I checked the ML manual and it does recommend 2X as a viable option to the standard (at least they recognize WAF can cause a lot of problems). 
An $8 pack of furniture movers from Home Depot makes any chair a moveable chair. 
All good speakers. If you are not real sure what you want I would always lean toward neutral speakers as you can always add subs for bass or highs with EQ (yeah I know people hate eq around here…). With a colored speaker you are more stuck if you don’t like it. 
I am a recent convert to Focal speakers (though I never cared for the look of the bent front towers).  I have the low cost Chorus 706 in the bedroom and greatly enjoy them.  I am considering the Kanta and Sopra as a future speaker.  The fit and finish is very nice.
I am also a Revel fan and highly recommend them.

I have owned Focal speakers out of the Chorus line for an old home theater. Nice for the money. The higher end Focals keep the same sound but are on another level for clarity and soundstage while maybe a little leaner.

Revels (that I own now) have a very similar house sound as focal. The Sopra to the Revel performa-be line are similar in sound. The Sopra has more air in the highs and upper mids. The Revels are a hair more rolled off in the highs and a touch tighter in the bass. Cost no object I like the Sopra 3 the best but at $24,000 in the US now seems silly next to the 228be for $11,000. Across the pond prices are about the same I would take the Focal every time for the looks alone and I like the added air but I feel the revels are more accurate.

A short A/B video of the Focals and Revels.

To the original poster I doubt he will like the Revel as they are not really lookers but they play nice being close to the front wall too with the early rolling down of the bass like the sopra’s. You might be surprised how close the 226be gets to the Sopra in performance. Once you add subs all these speakers are splitting hairs.
Another model to add is the Sonus Faber Olympica III. Really great speaker and used for $7500 -ish. Looks amazing. Every time I go speaker shopping the wife ask if I like the Sonus Fabers lol.