Focal, B&W or Martin Logan

I'm looking to upgrade my speakers.  Current system is Lumin U1 Mini server > Lampizator Golden Atlantic TRP DAC> Pass Labs XA160.8 Amp > Martin Logan Classic 9 speakers.  Room is pretty good acoustically (25' x 15'), but I have to place the speakers along the long wall making a 12x12x12 triangle for listening with my sitting position very close to the rear wall.  Speakers are currently 8" from front wall and can't be moved more than 5 or 6 inches further into the room (WAF issues), thus limiting the size (depth) of the new speakers. I listen to most all music, but mostly R&B, Country and classic rock.   

The biggest knock against the current MLs is that they don't have a lot of resolution - especially when it comes to complex music. They're great for acoustic guitar, piano or vocals.  They also lack a bit in bass, but that isn't too big of an issue as my wife would prefer I keep bass to a minimum.

Based on budget and speaker size, I'm seriously looking at the following:  Focal Sopra No. 2 (or No. 3). B&W 802D3, Martin Login 13A (or 15A).  I'm looking at buying used, so won't be able to try before purchasing.  I'm interested in hearing from those of you that have experience with these speakers.  Anyone heard them all and have a preference?

I'm currently leaning to the Focals, but only because I like they way they look. 

@james633 I have the Revel Concert2 F36 in the living room and truly love the sound they give for the money. 

You make a very good argument for the value of the 228be through compared to the Sopra.  Let's see what the bonus looks like next fiscal year.  I may decide to put more in the kid's college fund and go with the better priced speaker.
Thanks everyone for the input.  I'm going to put the purchase on hold until next year (tax issues), but will continue to research and look into the various brands mentioned.  I'm still leaning toward the Focals, but I won't make a decision until January.  

Thanks again for all the great input.
So I'm cruising along trying to find the best deal on a used Focal Sopra no.2 or no.3 when I run across a dealer here on Audiogon who tells me the Pass Labs XA-160.8 and Focal are a terrible pairing.  

I've found plenty of folks that don't really like the Focals, but never have I heard someone specifically knock the Focals paired with this Pass Labs amp.  Can anyone refute or validate this claim?  


The Martin Logans are better pulled way out from the front wall. It sounds like that might be the last speaker you should consider.

OP It is really important with speakers you have an emotional connection. Your last post sounds like a very bad move. Verify theyhave the kind of sound you love.


The SAF can be handled. For me, her system became the home theater, if I wanted something, I would buy her a really expensive component for her… and she would be more forgiving for me. Think diamonds ? But if you like the speakers… when she is gone, pull them out into the room… see if that is what they need. If not, fine… then take your time… but don’t jump and buy speakers that you are not in love with.


I have had a number of speakers… I have truly loved the sound of my last three sets… all Sonus Faber.