Focal Diablo EVO vs Prior Gen(s)

Hi all.

Question: Have any of you compared the current Diablo EVO to the previous generation? I’m wondering if an older pair will sound essentially the same as the new EVOs.

I understand the changes include bracing and a crossover change to voice the new permanent grill on the tweeter. That doesn’t sound like much, but in this audio world, sometimes small changes make large improvements.

I would love to hear from anyone who has heard current and older gens of the Diablos

I have had Focal Diablo EVO and loved them. Unfortunately I had to sell them along with the system a couple years ago.



Audiotroy, I’ve seen you post often in other threads.  I would appreciate it if you would share further on what makes you say the EVOs are much better?  Also, I’ve had Sopra 1, and felt the tweeter to sound overly excited and very “look at me” sounding.  It was something I couldn’t stop hearing and got in the way of my enjoyment of music. Have you noticed the same?


They are exactly the same aside from cosmetics.  That's why they're specifically called "Colour Evo."  They do not sound "way better."  

In almost all aspects, we find them to be an improvement over the Sopra 2, but definitely less bass.

We would always configure either of them with sub woofer(s).  Hope that helps!

@simplystereo thats good news.  I’ve had EVO and loved them.  
Im hoping to go with Sopra new or used Diablo in previous Gen. 
Thank you. 

@simplystereo to be clear are you saying Diablo Utopia stand mount sounds better than Sopra 2? I’ve been weighing this exact comparison in my mind and have been meaning to ask to the general forum. In my case largely rock, with some acoustic/folk styles mixed in. Thanks for insights.  

P.S.  good to see you on here. 

mofojo look here


you can clearly see our blue diablo utopias with our naim stack

so yes we are a utopia dealer


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