Focal Diablo EVO vs Prior Gen(s)

Hi all.

Question: Have any of you compared the current Diablo EVO to the previous generation? I’m wondering if an older pair will sound essentially the same as the new EVOs.

I understand the changes include bracing and a crossover change to voice the new permanent grill on the tweeter. That doesn’t sound like much, but in this audio world, sometimes small changes make large improvements.

I would love to hear from anyone who has heard current and older gens of the Diablos

I have had Focal Diablo EVO and loved them. Unfortunately I had to sell them along with the system a couple years ago.



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@mtbiker29 Yes indeed. Although in my original reply, I did mention Sopra 2, when I meant Sopra 1.


The Sopra 1 definitely has more bass than the Diablos, but the Diablos do 90% of things better within their range. If comparing Diablo to Sopra 2, it’s a lot harder, as the Sopra 2 is just a dramatically more full range speaker. It all depends on your use case, if you have subs, how loud you play, etc

If comparing Sopra 1 vs Diablo on their own, I feel like a lot of people would feel more "satisfied" with the Sopra 1 because of their bass in comparison.  

@mtbiker29 @simplystereo 

I actually have had both Sopra 1 (and 2 and 3) and Diablo EVO.  

I had Sopra 1 right before Diablo in the same room and system. 

PrimaLuna Evo 400 separates

Nordost Heimdal 2 xlr and speaker

Lumin A1. 

I found the Sopra 1 to have a bit 'more' bass, but not as controlled or defined as Diablo EVO.  The Sopra 1 was overall - and everywhere else - less refined than Diablo EVO, and the Sopra 1 had a zingy mid/treble region that I had heard in Sopra 2 (more below)

In a different home/room and gear, I had Sopra 2 and 3.  Room was 14x21x10 and I could not get Sopra 2 to stop beaming its tweeter.  I had the same issues with Sopra 1 in another house/room (above).  There is something with the Sopra series - to my ears - that are overly zingy and attention grabbing in the upper-mid/lower treble region that no matter what, I can't NOT hear.  In half or more of what I played (Rock, Singer Songwriter, Folk, AltCountry, Jazz, Pop/Electronic), I couldn't get past that zing.  In the Sopra 3, however, it seemed much more balanced, and might have broken in and gone away... 

Take most of this with a HUUUUGE grain of salt. Why? Because, I never let any of the Sopras break in.  I couldn't take the sound.  BUT, and it's a big BUT, Diablo EVO never sounded that way even from the first minute - sweet, airy, and extended, w/o the grabby zing. 

E.g. whey I'm wanting to go back to Diablo, but it is hard to tell what they changed, and I've never heard the previous generations... hence this OP. 

Hope that helps!