Focal Headphone Repairs?

Unfortunately, it appears that despite their high-end reputation, Focal has crap quality control. Their Drop Focal Elex is infamous for driver and connecting wire failures. And now, I find so is their Focal Clear model.

I bought a pair in May, and after less than 20 uses, the left channel is dead. It’s not the cable or anything external, but definitely something internal. I take extremely good care of my stuff, so there’s no excuse for this type of failure.

Although the headphones are still in warranty, I’ve been told Focal is awful about honoring US-based claims. Plus, shipping them back to France will be expensive and take weeks, if not months. So, I’m afraid my only choice is to pay someone to fix them stateside. I’d be grateful if anyone can recommend an experienced, reliable repair shop for the Clears in the US.

Sorry to hear that, my headphone dealer who is also a Focal dealer told me to stay away from them because he was so upset with amount of repair work he had to coordinate.
Unlike the OP, sounds like you have a good dealer.  Again, he ought to dump his.
For a company to have the technology available to them and brag about it, for Focal, this is absolutely inexcusable. 
Not to mention the fact that you have to ship it to France on your own dime? 
Forget it.

 I'm glad I sold my Clears when I did.

Not sure how to reply to each post individually, so I'll attempt to do it collectively here.

I guess I can't hold the dealer accountable since the 'phones worked fine initially, and asking him to do a replacement loaner for a $1500 headphone for at least 3-6 weeks seems unreasonable. However, I very much hold Focal accountable. These are well-known issues, and inexcusable for a a high-end manufacturer. They seem content to let customers deal with these chronic problems rather than improve quality control. I also own 'phones by Beyerdynamic, Sennheiser, NAD, B&O, among others and never had an issue. Pre-Apple Beats is the only other company where I experienced such shoddy QC.

I appreciate the tip about contacting Focal Naim America. They may indeed offer a satisfactory solution. Maybe they'll understand that posts like mine can be death to a brand. Then again, some folks still don't understand how word of mouth can make or break a brand in this age of the Internet. I'll let you know,

As for dealers, as we all know, some are great and go the extra distance, and some just plain suck. The ones that are honest, fair and trustworthy get my repeat business--for years. The others that are less than that can go out of business as far as I'm concerned, Burn me once, but never twice.

Thanks everyone for your comments and concern.
Audiogon is a pretty big deal. If Focal had any marketing savvy they would fix the OP headphones immediately. A thread like this one is not going to help sales and perceptions.