Focal Headphone Repairs?

Unfortunately, it appears that despite their high-end reputation, Focal has crap quality control. Their Drop Focal Elex is infamous for driver and connecting wire failures. And now, I find so is their Focal Clear model.

I bought a pair in May, and after less than 20 uses, the left channel is dead. It’s not the cable or anything external, but definitely something internal. I take extremely good care of my stuff, so there’s no excuse for this type of failure.

Although the headphones are still in warranty, I’ve been told Focal is awful about honoring US-based claims. Plus, shipping them back to France will be expensive and take weeks, if not months. So, I’m afraid my only choice is to pay someone to fix them stateside. I’d be grateful if anyone can recommend an experienced, reliable repair shop for the Clears in the US.

Update as of 8/20/20:

Wrote Focal Naim America. Received a reply within a few hours. Filled out the form required to get return authorization. Then...nada.

Four days have passed, three emails sent, and zero follow up by the company. I called their 800 number, tried to get hold of four different people, and again...nada.

It's as if this company is no longer in operation. More likely, their customer support is as bad as their quality control.

Stay tuned.
This reminds me of my time when my wife wanted to go from the hotel to Louis Vuiton in Paris.. Until I pronounced the store name correctly, the taxi operator couldn’t "understnd" what I meant.
That is very disappointing to hear.... i was about to pull the trigger on a pair of Clear Professional....    no thank you, nothing more irritating to me than poor or zero support after sale.   
I am so sorry to hear about your poor and Inexcusable experience. I am grateful that 6 month in, my Stellias are working well and sound delightful. But now I am worried—what will my recourse be if a $3000 set of cans has problems?