Focal Headphones with Linear Tube Audio

Has anyone heard Focal Utopia or Elear headphones with the Linear Tube Audio headphone amplifier? Impressions?
Had some people in with the Utopia today. The MZ2 does a great job with them. 
The LTA Micro ZOTL sounds wonderful with my Oppo PM1 head phones but if I were looking for head phones I would wait a couple of months because David Janszen has new hybrid electrostat head phones set coming out. He had a prototype with him at Axpona that made quite an impact.
Not sure if this thread is dead or the OP found something, but Elear + MZ2 is my setup. It's fantastic. Very dynamic, extended, involving. I also own a Violectric V200, a highly regarded SS amp, and I prefer the MZ2. I've also heard my Elears with various Schiit amps at CAS this year, and the MZ2 is still much preferable for me.
Yes, I did find something special. Focal Utopia with a Linear Tube Audio MZ2. But it took some tweaking. I have rolled in NOS Amperex Holland 12AT7 and Tung-Sol output tubes. I also found a cable that I Love, the Cardas Clear. Dynamic, Detailed, and Highly Musical. I couldn't be happier.