Focal Maestro Utopia III vs. YG Acoustics Hailey 1.2

I have a pair of Dynaudio C4 MK2 what I want to upgrade. Right now I have the opportunity to buy the above mentioned speakers almost at the same price, Focal is a bit cheaper. What I'm looking for is more 3D, bigger sound stage, authoritive extended and precise bass. I don't want a bright sounding system. My components are dCS Rossini player + master clock, Soulution 725 pre, Krell EVO 600 mono, Tara Labs Omega Gold spkr cables, Tara Labs Cobalt and Krell Vector pwr cords, Nordost Tyr 2 ics. So which one would you choose and why? Tell me the pros and cons. If you have personal experience please share it.
Thanks for the answers.

I asked my Focal dealer about the differences between the Evo and the previous MK3 version.

He said the main differences between maestro and evo is the possibilities for bi-wiring or bi-amp due to difficulties to drive correctly without a big amplifier, but if you have one, no problem. Evo is a 3 way speakers instead 3 1/2 for original version so now a 8 ohm unit not 4 ohm.

I have plenty of power so I don't think it is neccessary to go for the EVO. And in the other hand there is a big price difference.

Just so you know, the EVO is a hugely different speaker than the v2.  Sounds dramatically different (better).

Not sure why your dealer is down playing it.  I’d try to have a listen to them if you can — you will be blown away.
@ssblnt99 Your dealer is on the money.   The Maestro is a top notch speaker provided you have the amps to drive them given their nasty impedance - which you have.  I can't imagine you will be disappointed. Plus I'm guessing the pricing is at a point where the EVO is anywhere between 50% to over double the price you are being offered on the Maestro which makes it a no brainer.  There's really not much the Maestro doesn't do at an elite level provided that you give it the necessary upstream component quality (in particular beefy amps and a DAC with an open and airy treble) . 
Completely agree with joelha. I too have owned a few different models of YG speakers. (Carmel, Kipod II sig, Anat III sig.)  Before each upgrade my wife and I auditioned many speakers to see if we could find something we like more. Still using the YG's. Try and get to a dealer or YG and listen to some.
Yoav Gowe, the former CEO and creator of YG Acoustics was fired or has departed from the company.  The company was purchased by a private equity firm as an investment. The current investment company, LK Capital has no  experience with audio components or speakers. Their business is to lower costs and maximize profits.