Focal micro utopia be VS Dynaudio C1

It seems that in the 3k-4k used range, the focal and dyns seems to be solid contenders and Ive pretty much focused my choice on those two.

I listen mainly to electronica and jazz.

I have a small room (10 x 11) fully treated with HUGE 14 inch thick, floor to ceiling, bass traps. First reflection point fully treated as well as back wall.

I will mainly listen to about 7 feet away from the speakers.

I also really like to be able to listen at low volume late at night.

I NEVER listen past 95 DB, and normally listen to avarage of 80 db.

I will get a amp once I know which speaker to get!

I value musicality more then anything else. I want to be drawn into the music and the resolution must be well integrated into the sound.
Coherent, musicality and the two attributes I value the most. And non fatiguing!

Hi Nvp - Paul you are right about Raidho. I know I argued with you in the past but that was because I never heard them. Just want you to know I traded the C1 Sig's for D1's.
Hi Paul - NVP,

I have a question for you not related to this thread. Could you email me at michaelkingdom at gmail com ? Thanks.

Murphy, It was nice talking to you last night! Good luck on your choice.
Hi guys I am happy to read you have found my post useful. I should apologies for the typos though. I typed it in hurry, plus English is not my first language. :)

Xti16, I do not recall the two of us having any disagreements. On the contrary, I have always felt your reports about Dynaudio C1 and C1 mk2 were very much in line with my experience with those speakers. I know you have replaced the C1 signatures with the Raidho D1. Nice upgrade, enjoy them!

Murphythecat, congratulation for the Audio Note speakers!

Hey guys. I just came across this thread and thought I would add something to the discussion. I’ve had my Focal Micro Utopia Be speakers for about 15 years and was never really satisfied because I was missing the low frequencies but I absolutely love the speakers. I recently purchased this little REL T/5i subwoofer for less than $600 and I finally found the missing link. This little sub fills in those low frequencies just perfectly and now my Focal speakers can shine and show how good they truly are. My system sounds absolutely phenomenal now. I could not be happier with the results and I finally have full range speakers that sounds absolutely amazing.  Get the new T/x series REL sub and you can thank me later. You will not be disappointed ;)