Focal Mini Utopia vs Merlin MXe

Is this a fair comparision(sound quality wise ignoring price)? Looking for comments from people who owned both speakers for good length of time. I own mini utopia and Quad 989s and love them both. Trying to simplify and get full range speaker which will better both mini and quads (bass, imaging, stage depth & width, seamless in crossover transition) for 50% jazz and 50% Classical. This is new system building so open for amplifiers choice but leaning towards Transendent sound OTL. Please keep this discussion limited to these two speakers. Space limitation is making me sell my quads. Thanks.
Pubul 57'

Thank you for a very informative post. I am positive I would love AVC with RM10MKII. One reason to get Merlin was its resolution and transparency and extremely neutral character. Coming from Quad 989 and OTL amplifiers (..very transparent by nature), I am encouraged to hear about AVC/RM combo's transparency (..I guess more of good thing). TG audio speaker cables are slightly on the warmer side and I think would balance the sound overall. One big plus going a properly designed AVC route is attaining pitch black soundstage and excellent low level dynamics. One question though is, compared to ARS, do you find AVC/RM combo "thin" sounding? Also, any opinion on RM9 vs RM10? Also, which AVC preamp in your opinion is superior?
Again appreciate your insight into AVCs and Merlins. Thanks.
The Bent/RM10/9 is anything but thin, that word does not cross my mind. The RM9 is a little warmer than the 10, but they are very much the work of the same designer, now 162 watts (on my RM9 SE) or (125 watts on the standard RM9 is still quite a bit more power than 35 watts and I imagine with certain kinds of music (orchestral?)you might notice that power difference - I don't notice it at all on jazz, which is mostly what I listen to. The best AVC? Bent Tap - nothing better in terms of ergonomics, volume control, remote convenience, but I would imagine it would be very similar sonically to some of the other Slagle-centric AVCs, one sold by Dave Slagle directly.... I think I am going to buy one again - the RM10 and a passive just work so well together. Just tried the Goldpoint Attenuator and remebered why I liked passives so much to begin with. Now I will try the Lightspeed Attenuator and a Bent Tap-X. Clio9 has tried both and finds them to be very close in sound, I think the Bent, based on his description sound like it might be a bit warmer, but he isn't using Merlins.
Have had the 7270 with good results but the best SS was an Aaron from the Sovereign guy from Germany.Even a little better than Ayre.Really good.See him at,Bob