Focal sopra 2/Gryphon Diablo 300 not good match

Hallo Friends. I have the Gryphon 300 and the focal sopra 2 playing together with an Aurender n10 streamer.
I thing the most fatiguing system. I don’t know why. To much highs..absolute no synergy between bass and high frequency..
Can’t hear it more then 10 minutes. Have also the Isoacoustics Gaia 1 installed.and quality speaker cable’s from jorma. And Wireworld power cord. 
Any Suggestion? 
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Kinda ironic you think that. I have that exact same setup and it sounds exceptional. There are so many factors, inappropriately matched DAC, interconnects, speaker cables, CD player or transport, power cords. In my opinion, you may be looking at this all wrong? But if I can recommend some things I’d be more than happy to!

Best of luck!
I have to confess and update ...also in some Other forums witch I complain about the sopras. Reason : after almost 1 year!!! of trying speaker placement, (And believe me I move them 1000 times ..)even with an acoustic engineer (700 euro cost). the sopras sounded BAD. A few day’s ago I placed them (by accident)more apart from each other 3.5 meter and with a different angle The distance from my sitting place is 3.4meter but ...heaven is here. Even when the triangle is not “right”..everything is smooth now and center image is where it should be..the difference is unbelievable..totally different speaker.. Sopra is just fine now but placement of this speaker is unbelievable difficult ..I find the right place just by luck 
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Assuming room is not the problem to the high listening fatigue and bright treble.

1. Get rid of Gryphon and try Luxman L-590AXII to drive Focal.

2. Get rid of Focal and try Marten speakers.

Personally I would get rid of the Focal speakers if the brightness is too extreme.