Focal Sopra 2 or Older Wilson Sasha v1

Hello Audiogoners,

I have an opportunity to trade my Sopra 2's for a well taken care of pair of Wilson Audio Sasha v1's.These are the ones with the Ti tweeter, not the newer silk tweeter.

The question is; is this somehow a step back,/lateral, or will I move forward into a new level?  I have always loved Wilson speakers and I'm contantly tempted to pull the trigger on a pair once and for all.  

I would really appreciate feedback from those who have heard both.


Thank you!


op this is a lateral move 

the sashas are not that great the real improvemenen is the daws the ti tweter is not as good as the sopras and if you have tuned the system for the focals the wilsons might really not workout

I am not a big fan of the Wilson’s.

But I do own the Focal 2’s. Before you move away from them, try a Townshend Platform podium underneath, they will really transform.


Hey Ozzy!

Im actually very happy with the Sopras..  especially after mating the JL Subs with the JL audio CR-1!

I've just always listed for some Wilsons ever since the first time I heard the watt puppy6 back in the day....

I'll stick with my Sopras....

Audition a pair of Wilsons and if you like them over the Sopras, then you’ve answered your own question.  Why rely on someone else’s preferences.  Both are good speakers. 

Follow Up!


So, here is the response I recieved from the dealer I was going to do this trade with. I found his response to be very refresing in its honesty with HIS experience with Wilson Speakers..

"Hello Michael,

So here’s the deal, I’ve been doing this for 35 years. Wilson speakers frankly are riddled with problems.

I know all the reviews - I call them hacks searching for advertising dollars. They write so much BS it’ll make your head spin.

I would recommend that you not consider this pair - you start with problems - question is, will they stop maybe maybe not.

Read previous owner, who traded them in you have nothing but problems with them".

So..... I think I’m gonna pass on this deal and just enjoy my Sopra 2’s....


Excellent! I'm using the same set up!

Have you tried the Townshends under your Sopra’s? If not, as I said before they will transform the speakers.