Focal Sopra 2 owners - need your help with base plate measurements

Can someone who owns a pair of Sopra 2’s measure the dimensions of the black speaker base plate for me?

I’m trying to see if they will fit on my existing Townshend podiums, but don’t have the speakers in hand yet. I see that Focal has measurements on their spec sheet, but I have no way of knowing if those relate to the base or otherwise.

THANK YOU for any help you can provide.
From what I can determine (since the plate is curved quite a bit) the outside dimensions are  roughly 14" x 20".
But, the Iso-Acoustics GAI 1's are a big improvement underneath the Focal's.

Thank you.

I already own the Townshend platforms and am very happy with what they did with my current speakers.  They also made a HUGE difference with my Rel sub.