Focal Sopra 2’s vs. Legacy Focus SE’s

I recently decided to upgrade my speakers. I don’t want to go into the usual “front end bragging” about my other equipment lol. It’s good and could be better …. Leave it at that.

I recently listened to Legacy Signature SE and Focus SE. Thw Focus blew me away. The signatures didn’t cut it bottom end and all around. 
I have never heard the Focus Sopra 2.  It’s a tough companion because the Focus have (2) 12’s that are incredible at both low and high volume levels. Has anyone heard both of these??



If you have no way to audition them, I would recommend going the safe route.  Like I did with my Focus SEs and I have zero regrets.

Hmm, very surprised. My room is a bit bigger and have owned the Signatures for 5 years or so, and have measured these to go down to 22HZ in my room. In fact I didn't go for the Focus because they'd overwhelm my room.  


i ended up going with PBN Audio M1!5

PBN you ask? Well I have to say Peter is the owner and manufacturer with an incredibly talented in many ways.  He should be considered for any audio needs.  
I do not get paid to praise PBN but once you experience his speaker line you’ll be hooked.  I have (2) lower line pair that are still incredible sounding 


Congrats on the new speakers!  I've heard them at Peter's place and they sounded great.

I use 2 of Peter's Liberty Audio amps and am very happy.  Like you said, PBN doesn't get the press of other manufacturers but his gear is top notch and he's one of the good guys in our hobby.