Focal Sopra 2 vs Sopra 3?

Has anyone compared side by side? If so what were the differences?

After a few months I am in a position to update. The Sopra N3s filled my room with unbearable bass. I junked my Kimber TC12 and instead opted for Belden 8477 as the speaker cable. I switched out of my SME 3009 tonearm and went in for an SMEV with Belden 8402 tonearm lead. I went in for the relatively unsung Radio Shack interconnects. It is an unusual combination but has brought in a tonal balance in the system that sounds just correct (voices), all frequencies evenly emphasized, and strong but controlled bass, and significantly higher resolution. All in all, a very worthwhile upgrade.
I am amazed how people are surprised that the Sopra 3 outperforms the Sopra 2.  That is how Focal designed them to be.  Spend lots more and get some benefits in performance. Don't beat yourself up comparing the two speakers. 
Both 2 and 3 are superb speakers. 
I have listened to both extensively set up in the same system in the same room, one after the other. 
The 3 is the better speaker if the room is large enough. If the room is not large enough, the 3 is a worse speaker. It comes down to the low end. Sopras are low end heavy generally and the 3s truly bring the bass. I didn’t have enough room in my living room at the time and it was way too boomy, and I enjoy bass. It was too much. Rear ported so 3s are best when they can be brought far off the wall. 
So if you have a room that can absorb all that bass then get them. Otherwise go with the 2s, as I have, and enjoy. The 2s are some of the best speakers in the world. 
Just a minor point (I had the Spora 3s)... and most folks probably know this but they aren't "rear ported" in the conventional sense. In fact, their downward firing bass reflex port actually vents to the front of the speaker along the base, so they might better be described as front-ported. In any case, certainly moving them back/forth etc. will reinforce the bass in different ways so I don't mean to disagree with your main point, I just want to make sure folks understand these speakers aren't really "rear" ported and, as such, can probably move closer to rear walls than some other designs. I'll also say that in my room (about 18 x 21 with part open towards the kitchen) bass was never boomy or overloaded. In fact, I ended up getting rid of the speakers because in my room/system the mid-bass was far too lean... the deep bottom end was satisfying and solid but mid-bass always sounded weak without the impact I'm used to hearing (again, in my room and with my gear). Back to my old AVS rockets while I save and search for another set of speakers that I hope can be end-game...