Focal Sopra 2 vs Sopra 3?

Has anyone compared side by side? If so what were the differences?

I went from Electra 1038 to Sopra 3. I would say going to the 2 would be a big upgrade. The Sopra is much smoother and more detailed then the Electra. More natural less hi fi sound. The 1038 may go lower then the Sopra 2 depending on room but the bass is tighter on the Sopra. I would upgrade to the Kanta then stay with the Electra and the Sopra is better then the Kanta. 
Just my opinion
Thanks for your input. I wasn't impressed by the Kanta, preferred 1038 over it.
Just upgraded from the 1028be to the Sopra 2. The difference was not small. I was lucky in that I got a 9/10 used pair of the 2’s for $8k a couple of weeks ago (and sold my 1028’s for $4k). Not sure if the jump would have been worth it for a new pair’s current cost, but they were definitely a noticeable upgrade across the board.

I imagine the same would be true for the 1038/3 path.
Excellent and timely discussion for me as I am looking to move from my Maggies 3.6.  I listened to the No 2 yesterday but it was a poor showing within 60 seconds. It was just muffled with a small sound.  To be fair it was with lesser electronics/turntable as I had just listened to Wilsons/Clearaudio Innovation.  The dealer warned me but I pushed on.  My challenge is I have tube mono blocks and Wilsons are not consistent with them as I have been advised.  I wanted to hear the Focal based on the recommendation they paired well with tube amps. I will give them another listen under proper conditions/equipment but my bias will be Sopra 3 or better.  Thanks for letting me chime in.
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