Focal Sopra 2 Vs Wilson Sophia 3

If you have compared these two, what differences do you hear?  Strengths of each speaker?  Amps used and type of music played.


The Sopras are really excellent, you may want to also check out the new Paradigm Personas, they have similar clarity and holography and you may find them even more holographic.

Stereophile just reviewed the Sopra 3 to less than stellar results compared to all the "2" reviews. Issues with depth in a smaller room. I am currently using B&W 802 D3's but am going to sell them for a lighter (meaning actual weight) speaker, as our new home has an upstairs theater...Sopra 2's and Martin Logan 13a's are first on my list!
I have auditioned both the Focal Sopra No. 2 and No. 3 at a dealer.  The "3" is definitely superior to the "2".  IMHO it's not even close.
I am new to audiogon (and also new to hifi) and would like to join discussions relating to Focal Sopra for it is one of the choice on my equipment shopping list.  l see you all are experts and  may I  have your advices on the following:

n1 or n2 for a room of 13x24 ft, and 9.5 ft tall (but only alf of it for listening)
a tube amp like Octave or gryphon diable 300
suitable cables
I listened to the 2 and the 3 and also like others have said the 3 is quite a bit better. Even though its the same mid and tweeter the balance of the 3 is better and fuller. The impact in the upper bass and lower midrange is a big step up. The tweeter transition is smoother. 

To Syk i would go with the 2. That is a pretty big room. I havent heard those amps but did have a PrimaLuna HP amp and it did not sound as great with the Sopra 3 as it did with most every other speaker. The 3 impedance does go down to about 2.7ohm