Focal Sopra 2 Vs Wilson Sophia 3

If you have compared these two, what differences do you hear?  Strengths of each speaker?  Amps used and type of music played.


I have auditioned both the Focal Sopra No. 2 and No. 3 at a dealer.  The "3" is definitely superior to the "2".  IMHO it's not even close.
I am new to audiogon (and also new to hifi) and would like to join discussions relating to Focal Sopra for it is one of the choice on my equipment shopping list.  l see you all are experts and  may I  have your advices on the following:

n1 or n2 for a room of 13x24 ft, and 9.5 ft tall (but only alf of it for listening)
a tube amp like Octave or gryphon diable 300
suitable cables
I listened to the 2 and the 3 and also like others have said the 3 is quite a bit better. Even though its the same mid and tweeter the balance of the 3 is better and fuller. The impact in the upper bass and lower midrange is a big step up. The tweeter transition is smoother. 

To Syk i would go with the 2. That is a pretty big room. I havent heard those amps but did have a PrimaLuna HP amp and it did not sound as great with the Sopra 3 as it did with most every other speaker. The 3 impedance does go down to about 2.7ohm
I completely agree with mmcelyea, have heard both the Sopra 2 and 3 and the 3 are a better speaker.
But if you are in for the Sopra 3 i would say you should also try Wilson Audio Sabrina.
I auditioned the Sopra 3 vs. the Wilson Sabrina at the local dealer and it wasn’t even close. The Sopra 3’s were far superior. In fact I would rate the Sopra 2’s above the Sabrina.

I know the Sabrina’s have received a lot of favorable reviews, but to my ears the Sopra’s are in another league. If you know the sound of live music, and in particular acoustic (non-amplified) instruments, you’ll find the Sopra’s do a stunning job of recreating a live musical performance.