Focal Sopra 2 Vs Wilson Sophia 3

If you have compared these two, what differences do you hear?  Strengths of each speaker?  Amps used and type of music played.


I listened to the 2 and the 3 and also like others have said the 3 is quite a bit better. Even though its the same mid and tweeter the balance of the 3 is better and fuller. The impact in the upper bass and lower midrange is a big step up. The tweeter transition is smoother. 

To Syk i would go with the 2. That is a pretty big room. I havent heard those amps but did have a PrimaLuna HP amp and it did not sound as great with the Sopra 3 as it did with most every other speaker. The 3 impedance does go down to about 2.7ohm
I completely agree with mmcelyea, have heard both the Sopra 2 and 3 and the 3 are a better speaker.
But if you are in for the Sopra 3 i would say you should also try Wilson Audio Sabrina.
I auditioned the Sopra 3 vs. the Wilson Sabrina at the local dealer and it wasn’t even close. The Sopra 3’s were far superior. In fact I would rate the Sopra 2’s above the Sabrina.

I know the Sabrina’s have received a lot of favorable reviews, but to my ears the Sopra’s are in another league. If you know the sound of live music, and in particular acoustic (non-amplified) instruments, you’ll find the Sopra’s do a stunning job of recreating a live musical performance.
Thanks for the advice.  l am going to place order for a pair of N2 tomorrow 😊  However, I made a typo above - "half" of my room will be used for music listening.  Hope the n2 would not result in much brooming.  Prepared  to install some acoustical solutions 

Have auditioned some amplifiers recently too to drive the n2.  Devialet was great, clear, powerful  and sexy looking but the high is a bit harsh. Wonder  if it's because of the beryllium tweeters.  At that time it was a pair of Estelon.  
Hi Syk, 

Did you end up getting the Sopra 2s?   If so what amplifier did you settle with.   I just bought some Sopra 3s and I have a Ayre KX-5 twenty and VX-5 twenty running them.   Sounds very good but I wonder if something else would sound even better?   Maybe the gryphon Diablo 300 or A Simaudio product.  Thanks