Focal Sopra 3 vs Wilson Audio Sasha W/P (series 1)

I have Wilson Audio Sasha 1s.  I'm considering Focal Sopra 3.  
I have ARC Ref seperates and Transparent Ultra cables. 
Room is 14x21x10' (speakers on 14' wall)
I like to change and experiment with new gear quite often, but what would I likely be gaining?  What might I be giving up?  
Assuming you still have the ARC 75 amps, it looks to me like you're going to make the same mistake as you did with the Sasha's.

Just not enough current to drive either the Sasha's or Sopra 3 properly.

Because the magnitude is considerably higher in the treble, the speaker will sound brighter when driven by tubed amplifiers, with their typically high output impedances. 

Your money, your choice. Good luck with the new system.

Thanks for pointing that out. I appreciate it! I don’t find the Sashas too bright in my room. It’s pretty damped w pile
carper and treatments.
I wish the comment in the review were more specific. I think putting all tube amps under the same comment might be incomplete. But, I’m no engineer, so maybe it does apply to flea watts and higher current lIke ARC.
If you like the sound of ARC, why not look into a bigger ARC amp first.
If that doesn't appeal, then I would consider looking for a speaker with an impedance that doesn't drop below 4 ohms.