Focal Sopra No 2 vs Magico A3

I wish I could listen to the Focal Sopra No 2s and the Magico A3's in the same room on the same day with the same equipment.

In the fantasy world I like to live in Focal lowers the price on their Sopra No. 2's to better compete with the Magico A3's. Wow. Wouldn't that be great! Not sure what I would do then. Probably buy the Sopra No. 2's.

I purchase speakers on what they sound like NOT what they look like. Who would buy speakers based on how good they look?

Have you heard the Persona 3F?  A hilariously under priced speaker.  Most people can’t get them set up right, so keep that in mind if you hear them and they sound bright.

Also, for $12k I’d suggest the Kanta no3 over the Sopra no2.
The reality is these are both terrific loudspeakers that appeal to two different listening priorities and profiles.

The Focal Sopras are a transparent slightly warm more emotional sounding loudspeaker with a warmer richer bass response. 

The Magicos are cleaner and less colored and may appeal to someone looking for more neutrality, they go a bit lower with a cleaner tighter lower bass, with a less warm midrange than the Sopras.

The Personas are in this same league with a diffrent profile then either of these loudspeakers, the Personas are a bit more focused in the way they image, have one of the least colored midrange and treble responses on the planet, and they also go nearly as low as the Magicos. 

So in summation three of the best loudspeakers on the market today each has their charms and fans, any of these speakers when setup correctly will sound terrific.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
Been done already:

I like Focal industrial design, but it come with a heavy penalty of gross coloration from the lousy MDF cabinet. They should let Magico build their cabinets ;)